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Band name Song Name [tab types aviable] # of tabs
E.R. E.R. 1 tabs
R N Amar E 1 tabs
N E R D Provider 1 tabs
N E R D She Wants To Move 11 tabs
N E R D Drill Sargent 1 tabs
R.E.M Bad Day 4 tabs
R.E.M Bang And Blame 5 tabs
R.E.M Daysleeper 5 tabs
R.E.M Drive 5 tabs
R.E.M Electrolite 3 tabs
R.E.M Endgame 1 tabs
R.E.M Everybody Hurts 5 tabs
N E R D Lapdance 1 tabs
N E R D Maybe 2 tabs
N E R D Rockstar 1 tabs
N.e.r.d. Maybe 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Provider 3 tabs
N.e.r.d. She Wants To Move 4 tabs
Celine Dion E R. Kelly I'm Your Angel 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Dont Worry About It 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Hypnotize U 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Lapdance 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Love Bomb 2 tabs
N.e.r.d. Sooner Or Later 2 tabs
R.E.M E-bow The Letter 2 tabs