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Band name Song Name [tab types aviable] # of tabs
O.C. O.C. 1 tabs
OMC How Bizzare 1 tabs
E Isley M Isley C Jasper R Isley O Isley R Isley Harvest For The World Isley Brothers Christians 1 tabs
OMC How Bizarre 8 tabs
Ottawan D I S C O 3 tabs
Ottawan D.I.S.C.O.1 1 tabs
OMC Pours Out Your Eyes 3 tabs
OMC Right On 4 tabs
Phantom Planet O C 2 tabs
AC/DC C O D 4 tabs
Creedence Clearwater Revival Side O The Road 5 tabs
AC/DC C.O.D. 1 tabs
L.o.c. Pop Det Du Har 1 tabs
L.o.c. Hva' Så Homie 1 tabs
My Vitriol C.o.r. 1 tabs
C.p.i O Canalha 2 tabs
C.p.i O Show Mais Fake Do Mundo 2 tabs
John Cougar Mellencamp R.o.c.k. In The U.s.a. 2 tabs
O.C. California Were Come 1 tabs
Rebelde (brasil) Como Um R.o.c.k.s.t.a.r 2 tabs
Mellencamp John R O C K In The U S A 1 tabs
O Rappa O Que Sobrou Do Céu 1 tabs
23a03e33-a603-404e-bcbf-2c00159d7067 O.C. Life 1 tabs
766a2b45-441f-4096-af05-dbbca9518c9d California [The O.C.] 1 tabs
66375808-e32b-4ee5-812a-af265c08d382 V.O.C. (Voice of Change) 1 tabs