Here we are all alone
You and me,
And we can do anything
Your fantasy
I wanna make your dreams come true
Can you hear?
She's calling me
Between your legs Loud and clear
I wanna talk back to her
Make love to her
I wanna hear you scream my name 

We can make love on the bedroom floor Then on top of my waterbed I'm kissing you Running my fingers through your hair In the hallway Making love away beside the stairs We can do it anywhere... I can love you in the shower Both of our bodies dripping wet On the patio we can make a night you won't forget On the kitchen floor As I softly pull your hair We can do it anywhere, anywhere...

I love the way your body feels On top of mine so take your time We got a night Girl, you know I like it slow And I know you like it too, baby Please don't stop I feel it now You feel it, too You're shivering Ooh, you put me close to you Just let it flow There's no other place to go

{Zane} Z too hot to stop So we goin' from the bedroom to the floor Let you know a nigga miss you when out on tour When our tongues touch Have a playboy thinkin' much Roll a Dutch, Let me tell you it turns me on When 112 sing to you What kinda feeling do it bring to you? I pump hard till you say I'm being mean to you I know the ice Roley gleam to you A true playa's what I seem to you And if you want it We can do it in the Black 500 Wit' the top down In overdrive when we ride cuz I'm hot now You got me goin', I don't think I wanna stop now Z feenin' like a criminal on lockdown So let's get a way the ghetto way You gettin' hot baby, please don't melt away I got a crib on the beach Palmetto - way And here's your personal key to see me everyday 112...

{Repeat Chorus until fade)

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