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    Mrs. Stately's Garden

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Mrs Statelys Garden Chords by Four Seasons

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                        "Mrs. Stately's Garden"
                       (Bob Gaudio - Jake Holmes)



	(band enters)

	Eb      F/Eb    Fm/Eb      Eb
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Chorus 1:

	 Eb           F/Eb
	Such pleasant company
	   Fm/Eb           Eb
	In Mrs. Stately's garden
	 Eb          F/Eb
	Saltines and jasmine tea
	  Fm/Eb            Eb
	In Mrs. Stately's garden

Verse 1:

	Did you hear the Miller girl was found by Cooper's Pond
	             Db        Gb       Bbm7
	(Oh, what a shame, she was  so young)
	F/A                            Ab
	There has even been talk of a child
	 Eb/G                                Gb
	(Well, the Millers have always been wild)
	 F     E
	Poor thing

Chorus 2:

	A new cake recipe
	In Mrs. Stately's garden
	A minor tragedy
	In Mrs. Stately's garden

Verse 2:

	The boy that she'd been seeing went to Watertown
	(She must have thought he'd let her down)
	Do you think he knows what she has done
	(My boy Roger would never have run)
	Poor thing

Chorus 3:

	The ladies fill the chairs
	In Mrs. Stately's garden
	A scandal fills the air
	In Mrs. Stately's garden

Verse 3:

	I don't think we should see Marge Miller anymore
	(I know I'm right and that's for sure)
	You can't mingle with people like that
	(Get up, Alice, you're crushing my hat)
	Poor thing

Chorus 4:

	Lots of activity
	In Mrs. Stately's garden
	But there's no sympathy
	In Mrs. Stately's garden

Chorus 5:

	Next week they'll come for tea
	In Mrs. Stately's garden
	Next week it may be me
	In Mrs. Stately's garden


	Eb      F/Eb    Fm/Eb      Eb          [repeat to fade]
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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