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    Wonder What You'll Be

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Wonder What Youll Be Chords by Four Seasons

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                        "Wonder What You'll Be"
                       (Bob Gaudio - Jake Holmes)


	(processed piano):

	G    G7/F    Em   G/D
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

Verse 1:

	(G/D)              C   /B   /A
	Wonder what you'll be
	 /G               F6/9   /E   /D		[F6/9: C-D-F-G]
	Wonder what you'll see
	 /G            C    /B
	Will somebody else
	      /A     /G       F6   /E   /D		[F6: C-D-F-A]
	Mean more to you than me
	    /G     Cm7   /F  F13 Bb   /A   /G		[F13: Eb-A-D]
	You may be mine       today
	     /F         Gm             Gm7/F            Em7-5  C7/E
	But there will come A time when you will go your way  [C7/E: E-G-Bb-C]
	Eb6  D7        G    G7/F  Em  G/D
	    You'll go away

Verse 2:

	When you see the light
	When you see the light
	Will the grownup world
	Begin to change your eyes
	And as the years go by
	How many times will you mistake the truth for lies
	How much will you cry


	      Bb                     Ab  Abmaj7/G  Ab7/Gb  Ab6/F
	I'll make the most of every day
	     Ab+/E          Ab/Eb		[Ab+: E-Ab-C]
	I'll hold you in my arms
	    Dbm6/E         Ab/Eb		[Dbm6: E-Ab-Bb-Db]
	And keep you by my side
	        Dm7-5 [N.C.]   G   G7/F  Em  G/D
	'Til you must go     away

Verse 3:

	Wonder what you'll find
	Wonder where you'll go
	Will I ever teach you everything I know
	And when I set    you free
	Then will you wonder 'bout your children just like me
	Eb6  D7         (Gmaj7)
	    What will they be


	Gmaj9    Am7/G    Gmaj9/D   Am7/D
	  / / / /  / / / /   / / / /  / / / /

	Gmaj9    Cmaj7 Bm7  Am7 Am7/D
	  / / / /  / / / /   / / / /
	                  (wonder what you'll be)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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