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Transcribed by Richard Sibley.

[Intro] {Guitar 1 - Clean electric guitar, open chords}
[D]/ / / [A]//
[G]// / / [A]// [G]/ x2

[Verse 1]
[D]Sitting on the edge a[A]top a [G]canyon [A] [G]
[D]I'm a piece of time [A]too small to [G]name [A] [G]
[D]There's a sign [A]that's hanging [G]over me [A] [G]
[D]Let me disappear [A]and try a[G]gain [A] [G]

{Enter Guitar 2 - electric guitar w/ distortion}
[Guitar 2 - Riff 1]

[D]I'm no prophet [A]but I've [G]seen things [A] [G]
[D]When right and wrong [A]become [G]too close [A] [G]
[D]In that moment [A]of my [G]greatness [A] [G]
[D]I become afraid [A]and watch it [G]go  [A] [G]

[Chorus] {Enter drums, bass, guitar 2 continues Riff 1,
Guitar 1 switches to power chords and distortion}
[D]And the day [A]is [G]long [A]
[D]And the bridge [A]is [G]gone [A]
[D]And the riv[A]er has [G]washed away [A]
[D]The road[A] I'm [G]on
[A]Only [G]road I [D]know

(Intro) {Bass leaves, Guitar 2 lets ring to fade}

[Verse 2]
[D]Everybody's [A]got a [G]problem [A] [G]
[D]Something to do [A]with self [G]control [A] [G]
[D]You gotta tell [A]somebody [G]if you got one [A] [G]
[D]You can't pretend [A]you didn't [G]know  [A] [G]

{Enter Guitar 2 - Riff 1}
[D]Staring out [A]across the [G]canyon [A] [G]
[D]My eyes won't [A]tell me what to[G] see [A] [G]
[D]If I let [A]go I could be [G]floating [A] [G]
[D]From the river [A]to the [G]sea [A] [G]


[Bridge] {Accent where chords are shown}
[D]If I let go [D/F#]I [D/F#]could [G]be [G]floating
[D]From the riv[D/F#]er [D/F#]to [G]the [G]sea

[Guitar solo]

            [D|G]       [A]       [D]      [A]        [G]    **  [A]
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|-----------7-----7~~~~ |
-----7-(b9)|:-7~~~-(b9)7~~~-----7-(b9):|-7~~-(b9)7~~---------|-7~~-------9b11--9b11~ |
-7h(b9)----|:-------------7h(b9)----:|-----------9~~-7h(b9)|-----(b9)7~~------------ |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |

[D]        [A]  [G]         [A]  [D]      [A]  [G]           [A]
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- {  repeat  }-|
~--7~~~~~~-----|-7-----7~~~~~~--|-X--7~~~~~~--|-X--7~~~~~~-- { begining }-|
~--9b11~~~-----|-9b11--9b11~~~--|-X--9b11~~~--|-X--9b11~~~-- {of solo to}-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- { ** while }-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- {chorus is }-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|--------------{  played  }-|


[A]Only [G]road I [D]know

{Drums continue while fading out}
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