• Song:

    Just Another Tragic Story

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Tomorrow I'll Play God

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Capo 3
Have fun
G5              D5
hey, it's me I feel so sorry 
E5                  D5
I'm telling you my fairy tale 
G5             D5
nothing but a tragic story 
E5                   D5
about an actor who's about to fail 

G5              D5
everyone knows what it takes to 
E5                   D5
clear your mind, start once again 
G5             D5
all alone and broken hearted 
E5           D5
I will never love again 

G5             D5         C5
why won't the sun shine for me 
         G5       D5             C5
just one ray of light helps to cure me 
         E5          D5
when I'm lying in my bed 
                C5             D5
with all these thoughts in my head 
        G5          D5           A5
I just want you to come back again 

every heartbeat filled with sorrow 
and every day the sky turns gray 
a few moments are left to breathe but 
I'm leaving I don't want to stay 

seems like the good days are gone now 
my fairy tale has faded to black 
I gave you my heart you broke it 
keep it I don't want it back 

E5         D5
finally I let you go 
E5           D5
by the way I want to know 

E5               D5
can you hear me calling and would you 
C5           D5
answer me tonight 
G5           D5
you have to understand 
           E5          D5
that it's hard to be a different man 
E5                D5
everything that's falling down keeps 
crawling up again (someday)
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