• Song:

    Fall Out

  • Artist:

    6 Cycle Mind

  • Album:

    Permission To Shine

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Fall Out
6 Cyclemind
Permission to Shine

Intro: C#m-A-B (4x)

Verse 1:
C#m                          A      B
I know that it won't be the same tonight
C#m                       A                  B
I know that I can't have you to make it alright, alright
C#m                  A
Just pick up the pieces from you
So I can hold you tight
C#m                           A               B
And you don't have to worry for what I might do

E                       A      B
Because of you, I live my life
E                                    A
I've watched the rainfall through the night
                   B      C#m-A-B
But I know you don't mind

Verse 2: (Do Verse 1 chords)
There's nothing left of you inside my mind
I know I just can't have you, so I'll say goodbye
Walking through the dark cold night
I felt my tongue turn dry
I'll try to ease the pain you left inside

(Repeat Chorus)

Adlib: E-A-B (2x)

A                        Abm
Please give me some time, 
So I could touch you
A                        Abm
Please give me some time,
            C#m   B
So I can hold you.

(Repeat Chorus and fade)

 A  - x02220
 B  - x24442
 E  - 022100
C#m - x46654
G#m - 355333

[ C!C@tr!x ]
C.R.C.C. - T.C.
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