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    On the Beach

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Lyrics by Jez Cunningham (confirmed to be correct by Jez personnally!). the chords are 
own effort though, and comments, corrections or sugestions welcome.
(Chords with an * denote a few twiddles with the chords for added effect: lifting of 
fingers to get chord variations etc..play with it!)

Capo 2

Am                     Em
Millions of mega-tons, the power of a thousand suns
Am                             Em
Fallout sky for years to come, a pyroclastic grave.
Am                             Em
We beached the boat when it ran dry, we pleaded with each other, why?
Am                             Em
And in our hearts we wished we?d died before we climbed aboard

Am                               Em
Well I know it is a weak defence, a lifetime of indifference
Am                               Em
Paid the tax and stalled the rent, I didn?t rock the boat.
Am                              Em
I Ignored the pilgrim suicides, their human bombs a rising tide
Am                              Em
With sanctions failed and trident fired they finally came for me

Bm                             Em     Bm                     Em
Whispered tales of creed and flag, nowhere to ship home the body bags
             C                      G                   D*
Go pay the ferryman and leave their tags rusting on the shore

Am                    C
I?m on the run my MP3 downloads global catastrophe
  G                                 Am
Like strangelove?s darkest fantasy, warheads filled the sky
Now a refugee on a Russian sub, a deal struck with little Odessan thugs
     G                                      Am*
How right they were to call us mugs as they waved us out to sea.

(the rest follows the same chords)

After 30 days of poisoned flood, the engines cracked the diesels mud
Biblical tide of sweat and blood we ran the boat aground
And fighting with each other, why?
 regretting more we?d never trie
in our hearts we?d already died before we hit the beach

Whispered tales?.
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