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    Summer Of Our Youth

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Maybe it's not 100% correct so i appreciate all your comments and corrections volis@yahoo.com

C                       Gm    
There's nothing you can say 
F                     Em
To make me change my mind 
F                     Em
It happens all the time 
C                    G
Just let the plot unwind 

C                    Gm
As we look back and see 
F                  Em
Our yesterdays entwine 
F                   Em
The beauty and the truth 
C                    G
The summers of our youth 

Am                     F
And you can go there anytime 
C                   G
The movies on your mind 
Am                      F              C             G
And you can see it clearly where we overstepped the line 

C             G                 Am
Whatcha gonna do when lights go out
               F               C 
whatcha gonna think it's all about 
              G               Am
whatcha gonna do when time is up 
              F                                  C
whatcha gonna do to make it change the way you feel?
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