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    Our last summer

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  • Album:

    Love Stories

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Our Last Summer

VERSE:  (D) The summer (D/C#) air was soft and (Bm7) warm
The feeling (D/A) right, the Paris (G) night
(D/F#) Did its best to (Em) please us (Em/D)
(A) And strolling (E/G#) down the Elysee (F#m11)  (E) 
(A) We had a (A/G) drink in each cafe (D/F#)
(A7) And (D) you
(D/C#) You talked of (Bm7) politics, (D/A) philosophy and (G) I
(D/F#) Smiled like (G6) Mona (A) Lisa
(Em7) We had our (Em6) chance
(Emb6) It was a (Em) fine and true (Asus4)  (A) romance

CHORUS: (A) I can still (D) recall (F#m) our last (G) summer
(A) I still see it (D) all (F#m)  (G)
(A) Walks along the (D) Seine, (F#7) laughing in the (Bm) rain
(F#m) Our last (G) summer
(A7) Memories that remain (Dsus4)

GUITAR SOLO:  G   D/F#  A7  F#7     G  A/G  D  A  D7     G  D/F#  A7  F#7    G  D  A7Sus4  A7





The chords that have a / (like A/G) just means that if you're playing bass to this song, it's a G.

D/C#:  x4x232
D/A:  x00232
D/F#:  2x0232
Em/D:  xx0000
E/G#:  4x2400
F#m11:  2x2200
A/G:  3x222x 
A7/E:  002020
G6:  320000
Em7:  022030
Em6:  022020
Emb5:  022010
Asus4:  x02230
Asus2:  x02200
F#7:  242322
Dsus4:  xx0233
Dsus2:  xx0230
A7Sus4:  x02030
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