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ab: Back in Black
Tabbed by:BlinkSG(a.k.a. Justin Huling)

I have seen plenty of versions of this song that have been tabbed in
all power chords, and it sounds right, but its wrong. Ac/dc only ever
used 3 power/bar chords, and those were:

This is the one and only way to play this, and it took me awhile to 
tab it up, by looking at a live video of Ac/dc and listening to the
song about 100 times, this is the 100% way to play it, you can't tell
me otherwise. This song means alot to me and i wouln't post this if
it weren't something that was correct. With that being said, here 
is the tab.


-------------------------------   --------------------------------
-------------------------------   --------------------------------
-------------------------------   --------------------------------
-------------------------------   --2-----2-----2-----2-----------
---7--4---7--5---7--6--7--7/---   ----4-----5-----6-----7/--------
I should have the solo and other various bridges tabbed for you in a
couple of months.

any question or comments e-mail me at blinksg@atlantic.net
Please take the time to rate my tab.Thanks.
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