• Song:

    You Had Me At Hello

  • Artist:

    A Day To Remember

  • Album:

    And Their Name Was Trea...

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You Had Me At Hello by A Day To Remember

tabbed by: michelle1228
e-mail: michelle0330@hotmail.com

hey this is my first tab...the chords sound pretty good but if u have any changes please 
me. sorry i dont know the picking in it but im sure its within the chords. its a great 
and not too hard!

k so for the Cadd9*      hope that made sense

Tuning: standard

Intro: D Cadd9* G Bm D G   x2

Verse: D Cadd9* G Bm D G   x2

Pre-chorus: D Cadd9* G   x4

Chorus: D Cadd9* G Bm D G   x2

its like that for basically the rest of the song. enjoy :)
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