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Intro: (listen to song for correct rhythm) 
G: -------------------- 
D: -------------------- 
A: ----4h5-0-00-4h2-2-0     4x 
E: 2------------------- 
Verse: (wait till after guitar) 
G: ---------------- 
D: ---------------- 
A: ----555500002222    3x (on 4th time end on first 0!!) 
E: 2222------------ 
G: -------------------------------- 
D: --------------------------------     
A: 0000000055555555----------------     4x 
E: ----------------2222222200000000 
Pretty much play this the whole song .. for the bridge its basically the same thing as the intro .. have fun ..  
Here?s the order if you need it? 
Intro 4x 
Verse 4x 
Chorus 4x 
Intro 2x 
Verse 4x 
Chorus 4x 
Bridge (Intro)-4x 
Verse 4x 
Chorus 4x 
Intro 1x
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