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    A Perfect Circle

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    2000-06-04: Phoenix, AZ...

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This is a simplified version of the song for acoustic guitar.  
You can capo at the second fret to be in the right key, but it sounds fine without, 
and can help if you're voice is in the lower register.

Chords:   Bm  D5  G  (C)

This basically goes:  Bm, D5, G, D5  With some changes.  
Being familiar with the song is a plus.

About the lyrics:  I just copied them from a previous tab, but I'm not sure they're all correct.  

Bm    D5       G       D5
Metaphor for a missing moment
Bm      D5         G       D5
Pull me in to your perfect circle
Bm        D5         G       D5  
One womb, one shape, one resolve
Bm   D5               G            D5
Liberate this will to release us all
cut away,
Clear away, 
Snip away and sever this
Bm    D5       G
Umbilical residue
(D5)                           Bm
Keeping me from killing (you?)

D5                        G               Bm  D5
And from pulling you down with me here
I can almost hear you scream

(The bridge here is a shift up to C and then play around.  
I found it difficult to make is sound good without more insturmentation)

Bm            G             Bm     D5
One more medicated peaceful moment
        Bm           G              Bm       D5
Give me one more medicated peaceful moment
      Bm                   D5           G
And i dont wanna feel this overwhelming hostility x2

 D5   Bm   
Gotta cut away,
Clear away,
Snip away and sever this
Bm    D5     G      D5                    Bm
Umbilical residue keeping me from killing you
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