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  • Artist:

    A Perfect Circle

  • Album:

    2000-06-04: Phoenix, AZ...

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Standard tuning

Intro:  No bass

After drums come in, Verse:  4x

G --------------------------------
D --------------------------------
A --------------------------------
E ---(b9)-99/12--1212--55/7-7-7

E ---(b9)-99/12--1212--55h-44-5/7-7-7

Chorus:  2x

E ---(b9)-999--777--555-5-5-55

Then play the verse riff 2x until 
the eerie guitar part comes in
and play this really softly

E ---(b9)--------5----5/7----7/9        

E ---(b9)--------5----5/7----7/9999m5

After build-up

E ---(b9)99(b9)-5--5/7--7(b9)999

E ---(b9)99(b9)-5--5/ 7--7(b9)999/101010/121212

Don't know what to call this part:  4x

E ---(b9)999(b9)-7-7777--5-5555
Let five ring during next part
After that there comes the big solo:

E ---555555?333/888888-0-0-0

E ---555555/888888/101010101010/12-12-12

E ---555555?333/888888-0-0-0

E ---555555?333/888888

Mellow part:
E ---555555?333/888888-0-0-0

E ---555555/888888/101010101010/12-12-12-12-12-12

E ---555555?333/888888/10101010m5--11-12-14

After that:  4x

E ---(b9)9999/12-12-12-12-7777-5555-5-5555

Then when guitar goes on (no vocals):  2x

E ---(b9)9999/19-7777-5555-5-5555

E ---(b9)9999/19h-21-19h-7/19-5555-5-5555

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