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Are you that Somebody

Heres a little guitar lick I stumbled upon.
Its easy and fun. Courtesy of the Vampire
Queen of the *****ed, Aaliyah (I’ve got a crush on her)

E-----------------------] [--------------------
B-----------------------] [--------------------
G-----------------------] [--------------------
D--0--0--------0--------] [--------------------
A--------0--3-----3--0--] [--1--1----0--0------
E-----------------------] [--------------------

If you listen to the song and get the odd time signature
There are a bunch of other things happening in the background
I play the last part of the riff like this…

E [--------------------
B [--------------------
G [--------------------
D [------(00)----(xx)--
A [--1--1----0--0------
E [--------------------

There you go, just repeat that a bunch of times and you're set.

I need professional help.

I will never forget an angel.

Aaliyah Dana Haugton
Jan, 16, 1979 - August, 25, 2001
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