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Tab by Lennart Zegerius

I gave two of each chord that sound pretty good in it, the E just seemed good as it is 221.

Aaron?s song to Mia.

Intro: C , Em , F , Dm.

C                 Em
My body's full of these butterflies
F                  Dm
So wound up I can't close my eyes
C                 Em
I'd climb on top a mountain
F                  Dm
While your at home counting
C              Em
Other guys and other girls
F                   Dm
Other things that confuse my world
C                Em
I just want some time with you
F                Dm (Strum and slap or let ring)
Just me and you, alone with you
C               Em
I'll always be there for you
F               Dm
You are all I need
C               Em
You pierce me with arrows
F               Dm
Making my soul, heart bleed
C                          Em
Whenever I try to say that I love you
F               Dm
I get stuck on my words
C            Em (Strum and slap or let ring)
And I fall right back down, Yeah
F             Dm                    C
I just wanna tell you that I love you
E                             D
I love you but the words come out wrong

Note: The D ("come out wrong" part) may be completely wrong. I suggest just play around 
or make yourself comfortable and try a Dsus or a Dm , or an F or some.
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