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Life is a paradise...whoa oh yeah
1-Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven
  I know, I know
  'Cause I've been there with you tonight
(repeat 1)   
I believe life could be paradise once again...
And the love we thought we lost is sleeping within
Close your eyes it's something for you
(rpt 1, 1..)   

..I'm a prisoner of hope
I know

We are young and we are old
We're fallin' like leaves, like leaves...
And your heart's so full of soul
It makes me believe
Once again, it's something for you...
(rpt 1, 1)

A bridge over time
Was what you need to see the light, to see the light
oh yeah
Lucky love, lucky love
Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven...
(rpt 1, 1..)
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