• Song:

    I Wanna Die

  • Artist:

    Adam Green

  • Album:

    Friends of Mine

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Capo 3rd Fret

C         Em       Am    Am7
I want to chose to die,
       F                   G7
and be buried with a rubix cube.
    C                Em       Am       Am7
and sleep inside the big blue buildings,
          F                    G7
while the sweet disease drives through.

          C   Em    Am        Am7     F   G7
there's a bakery in the night sky.
          C     Em        Am         Am7     F   G7
i want to die because the government lied.

C         Em       Am     Am7
she was a man with herpes,
F                    G7
floating in a yellow stream.
C                   Em      Am        Am7
running through the windows backwards.
F                         G7
kissing all the buildings clean.

             C   Em       Am       Am7    F   G7
you know his appetite for hardcore taste.
    C   Em    Am    Am7    F   G7
and orgyastic party games.

C           Em     Am      Am7
she woke up in the highway,
     F                      G7
with arrows pointing at her face.
C          Em     Am        Am7
later that day in gym class,
    F                   G7
she ate a mouth full of anthrax,
go to sleep.
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