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    Adam Green And Binki Shapiro

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G                           C
What's in between all those pleasantries?
G                     C
How do you think most times

C                            F
I've been searching for some passion for my actions
C                 G        C
Now you know that its full price

G                C
You know how and you know why
G                      C
Youâ??re not the bedroom type

                          Em          F
Nightly fading, just what are you celebrating?
    C                  G          C
Old fashions burn your short fuse dry

G                     C 
Whatever this is, the pleasure's all his
F                     C
Endlessly trailing my dreams

C                    Am
No need to pretend I want you instead
   D                    G        
To council her excellency 

G                     C
Canâ??t be the first to say you're the worst
G                     C
Surely there's one or two

C                  F                                
I care more if you act as though you like me
Am          G      C                       
Than if you really do

G                 C
Living a lie to a song you canâ??t hide
F                              C
The paintings are still in the tube

C                     Am
I needed to fall, you need not crawl
D                    G
I punish myself with you

G                          C
What was between all those pleasantries
G                       C
What did you hope youâ??d find?

F                     C                Em
I was waiting for the chance you never gave me
C                 G     C
Iâ??m still working on my line
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