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Heya Adam Lambert fans...I love this song: it has such great rhythm - and if 
you've heard it on his album, you'll hear his really REALLY cute laugh at the end 
of the song.. its so adorable!!... anyway; hope this helps! 
;-) CubTyger317

I just play on a basic 4-strum bassis, but feel free to do whatever suits you!

Capo on 2nd fret

Em             G
Jumpin out the window
C         D
Movin on, groovin' on
Em                G
Which way will the wind blow
   C                   D
We can't be wrong, so say so long
Em            G                 C
Imma pick you up, imma pick you up
                    D       Em
What you trying to say to me
                    G                      C
Catch the train at two, whatcha' trying to do
Are you gonna play with me?


Em  C   G     D
All my life, I've been waiting
Em     C   G         C             Em
Passed my time, procrastinating, now
      C           G
Its a trip, imma flip
      D                       Em
And flash right through the scene
           C           D(x2)
Can't you see what I mean?

Em                   G
Breaking through the bounderies
C            D
Rollin' on, strollin' on
Em               G
They won't ever find me
    C                 D
And after all, we'll have a ball
Em            G                 C
Imma pick you up, Imma pick you up
                D         Em
Gonna see where we can go
               G                    C
This is how I live, this is what I give
Your the one I want to know


E             G
Tiny-minded, two-toned suckers
C              Am
Same old faces make me shudder
E                     G
Countless times I've screamed oh brother
C               A(x2)
Where are you I need someone to be my lover...



Em   C   G   D
Em   C   G   D

Em           C          G
Now, it's a trip, imma flip
      D                     Em
And flash right throug the scene
           C           D(and hold)
Can't you see, what I mean......

{end of song}
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