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Verse 1: 
    Am (x02210@1)             Em (022000@1)            Am (x02210@1)                           EmYou (022000@1)say it's all in my head and the things I think just don't make sense
            Am (x02210@1)                 Em (022000@1)                   Am (x02210@1)               EmSo (022000@1)where you been then, don't go all coy, don't turn it round on me like it's my fault
          C (x32010@1)              GSee (320003@1)I can see that look in your eyes
             C (x32010@1)                      GThe (320003@1)one that shoots me each and every time

    Am (x02210@1)                       GYou (320003@1)grace me with your cold shoulder
         Am (x02210@1)                        EmWhenever (022000@1)you look at me I wish I was her
    Am (x02210@1)                         GYou (320003@1)shower me with words made of knives
         Am (x02210@1)                        BmWhenever (x24432@1)you look at me I wish I was her

Verse 2:
      Am (x02210@1)             Em (022000@1)             Am (x02210@1)              EmThese (022000@1)days when I see you, you make it look like I'm see-through
          Am (x02210@1)           Em (022000@1)                Am (x02210@1)                          EmDo (022000@1)tell me why you waste our time, when your heart ain't in it, and you're not satisfied
    C (x32010@1)                  GYou (320003@1)know I know just how you feel
                C (x32010@1)                          GI'm (320003@1)starting to find myself feeling that way too

(Repeat Chorus)

C (x32010@1)           B (x2444x@1)               G (320003@1)           B7Time (x21202@1)and time again, I play the role of fool (Just for you)
C (x32010@1)         B (x2444x@1)               G (320003@1)           B7Even (x21202@1)in the daylight when you think that (I don't see you)
C (x32010@1)             B (x2444x@1)               G (320003@1)            B7 (x21202@1)Try to look for things I hear but our eyes never find
C (x32010@1)          B (x2444x@1)          G'Though (320003@1)I do know how you play

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Not too sure about that bridge! If you get better chords put them up!!!LOL!
Lady Longting

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