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This is my first song tabbing, but I think it works. Let me know if something doesn't

F Cmaj7 Em Am

F (133211@1)         Cmaj7So (x32000@1)little to say

But so much time
   EmDespite (022000@1)my empty mouth
                 AmThe (x02210@1)words are in my mind
      FPlease (133211@1)wear the face
                  Cmaj7The (x32000@1)one where you smile

Because you
        EmLighten (022000@1)up my heart
                AmWhen (x02210@1)I start to cry

           FForgive (133211@1)me first love
       Cmaj7But (x32000@1)I'm tired
          EmI (022000@1)need to get away
        AmTo (x02210@1)feel again
                  FTry (133211@1)to understand why
            Cmaj7Don't (x32000@1)get so close

To change my mind
                 EmPlease (022000@1)wipe that look

Out of your eyes

It's bribing me
AmTo (x02210@1)doubt myself
F (133211@1)          Cmaj7Simply, (x32000@1)it's tiring

F  Cmaj7  Em  Am

              EmThis (022000@1)love has dried up
           AmAnd (x02210@1)stayed behind
         FAnd (133211@1)if I stay
         Cmaj7It'd (x32000@1)be a lie
              EmThen (022000@1)choke on words
          AmI'd (x02210@1)always hide
          FExcuse (133211@1)me first love
          Cmaj7But (x32000@1)we're through
          EmI (022000@1)need to taste the kiss
             AmFrom (x02210@1)someone new
           FForgive (133211@1)me first love
           Cmaj7But (x32000@1)I'm too tired
    EmI'm (022000@1)bored to say

The least and I
       AmI (x02210@1)lack desire

F  Cmaj7  Em  Am

Forgive me first love (4x)
Forgive me
Forgive me first love (2x)

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