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Intro: Gm (+reef)

e |--10------------------------|
B |----11--13-13---------------|
G |----------------12-12-12-12-|
D |----------------------------|
A |----------------------------|
E |----------------------------|
(toque este reef na introdu??o e no refr?o. se quiser, jogue ele em outras partes da musica, tamb?m fica legal)

(toque Gm em toda a m?sica)

Hey mr. DJ
Put a record on
I want to dance with my baby
And when the music stars 
I never wanna stop
It's gonna drive me crazy

REFR?O (Gm +reef):
Music makes the people come together
Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel

don't think of yesterday
and i don't look at the clock
i like to samba-reagge? (boogie woogie)
it's like riding on the wind
and it never goes away
touches everything i'm in 
got to have it everyday...


Do you like to samba-reagge?
              (boogie woogie)
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