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    Dixieland Delight

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Tom: G

    G                                     D
    Rollin' down the backwoods, Tennessee byway,
    Em             C
    one arm on the wheel.
               G               D
    Holdin' my lover, with the other,
      Em                  C
    a sweet soft southern thrill.
                G                      D
    Worked hard all week, got a little jingle,
         Em                C
    on a Tennesse Saturday night.
                  G             D
    Couldn't feel better, I'm together,
            Cm7         G
    with my Dixieland delight.

             D                   Em                             C
    Spend my dollar, parked in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight.
             G                      D
    Hold her uptight, make a little lovin',
                    Em                        C
    a little turtle-dovin' on the Mason-Dixon Line.
            Em          C         Cm7         G
    Fits my life, oh so right, my Dixieland delight.
    G                                D
    Whitetail buck deer, munchin' on clover,
               Em                 C
    red-tailed hawk, sittin' on a limb.
               G                   D
    Chubby ole groundhog, croakin' bullfrog,
    Em                       C
    free as a feelin' in the wind.
               G                         D
    Home-grown country girl, gonna get a real whirl,
         Em                 C
    on a Tennessee Saturday night.
               G                D
    Lucky as a seven, livin' in heaven,
            Cm7         G
    with my Dixieland delight.
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