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    Theres No Way

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Artist:   Alabama
Song:     There's no way

Capo 1st fret


	E  A  D  G  B  E
A	0  0  2  2  2  0
Bm	2  2  4  4  3  2
Bm7	2  2  4  2  3  2
D	x  0  0  2  3  2
Em	0  2  2  0  0  0
Em7	0  2  2  0  3  0
F#m	2  4  4  2  2  2
G	3  2  0  0  0  3

1st Verse:
       D          A         G         D
As I lay by your side and hold you tonight,
  F#m             G
I want you to understand,
       D          A           G           D
This love that I feel is so right and so real,
         F#m               A
And I realize how lucky I am.
            G                 Bm
And should you ever wonder if my love is true,
            Em7        D        Em7           A
There's something that I wanna make clear to you.


           Bm           E           D        A
There's no way I could make it without you,
           Bm         E       A
There's no way that I'd even try,
     Bm         F#m           Bm        F#m
If I had to survive, without you in my life,
  G                 D     Em7
I know I wouldn't last a day,
     G    Em7        D
Oh babe, there's no way.

          Bm7    F#m                           Em7
(spoken)         Baby, I'll always love you    and I hope you love me

2nd Verse:
          D         A        G      D
It means so much to me, whenever I see,
       F#m                      G
That "wanting me look" in your eyes,
   D          A          G      D
I don't know how I could do without,
F#m                       A
Holding you close every night.
        G                    Bm
I've waited so long just to have you to hold,
     Em7           D             Em7      A
And now that I've got you, I'll never let go.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bm                  G                D
I never knew until you, what I was missing,
     Bm                  G                      Em7
Now you say forever, and I find my heart is listening.
Yes I'm listening.

(Repeat Chorus)

         F#m          A        D
(Spoken) There's just no way

Any questions, comments, or concerns just send me an email at biguy1989@yahoo.com.  This 
my first tab by the way so please be nice :D
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