• Song:

    Until I Die

  • Artist:

    Alabama Boys

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D                                C                G 
you say that, you're leaving, and never coming back 
i tell you, its alright, as i watch you pack  
dont worry, about me girl, ill make it own my own 
i like it, this way now, im better all alone 

but what i really meant to say,  
is that im dying deep inside 
         D                                     A 
i want you here with me for the rest of my life 
i should have said im sorry,  
                    G     Bm 
but instead i said goodbye 
      D                                       G         
but what i really meant to say is that i love you 
        A     D 
... until i die  
youre gone now,  forever, and left me here alone 
you thought its what i wanted, but baby i was wrong 
you said ill forget you, and find somebody new 
but everynight and every day all i think about is you
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