• Song:


  • Artist:

    Alanis Morissette

  • Album:

    Spiritual Illusions

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"Offer" - Alanis Morissette

This song is so pretty, and seems pretty easy as well.  This may not be the correct way
to play it, but it sounds good to me.  Again, any comments, email me at brakingeleven@aol.com.
-Kevin Belanger

Standard Tuning
No Capo

Verse 1:
D    Bm             D   
Who, who am I to be blue?
Bm                    D
Look at my family and fortune.
Bm			D	Bm
Look at my friends and my house.

D    Bm		      D  		
Who, who am I to feel deadened?
Bm		  D
Who am I to feel spent?
Bm			D	Bm
Look at my health and my money.

D	   Bm			 D
And where, where do I go to feel good?
Bm		     D	
Why do I still look outside me?
Bm		      D		Bm	
Clearly I've seen it won't work.


D			G					
Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable, and
D		    Bm		     G			
Is it my job to be selfless extraordinaire, and
D	    G
My generosity has me disabled, by this
D	       Bm		   D  Bm  D  Bm	
My sense of duty to offer.			

(the verses and the chorus are the same from here out, I just included them so you
have the words)

Verse 2:

Why, why do I feel so ungrateful?
Me who is far beyond survival.
Me who sees life as an oyster.


Verse 3:

And how, how dare I rest on my laurels?
How dare I ignore an outstretched hand?
How dare I ignore a third world country?

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