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I noticed some of the songs on the album don't have chords yet, 
so here is the full album, with chords taken from an archive of the old "alexdaymusic.com" website 
(when it had the chords and lyrics on it)


The World is Mine (I Don't Know Anything) - Alex Day


1. You & Me

Capo 5th

Verse: C, Em, Am, F, C, G, C
Chorus: F, Fmin, C, C7; F, Fmin, D, G

We knew it from the start
That we would be together in some way
You needed me and you know I still need you back

Don't get the wrong idea
We both know what this is and how it ends
But I can't wait to share all this with you

Let's run away where they won't find us now
We'll hide far away and we'll be free, just you and me

The time will go so fast
But we will savour every moment that we share
And I will give myself to only you

And when we go back home
We'll count the days till I can run with you
And see your face and fall asleep for one more night


2. Georgia

Verse: E, G, D
Pre-chorus: A7, B7
Chorus: G, D, E

I never knew who you were
All of the faces on this paper tell me everything

I wish I knew who you were
If I woke up and you were gone tomorrow how would I know

There's only one question
Do you want Georgia to leave? (No no no)

Nikoll Lekaj doesn't care
And four other people all called Bob Bob Bob Bob want you out

Focus on Daniel Reeve
Cos just like Christopher he can be your Superman tonight

I never met you, but I think I'm in love


3. Heart On My Sleeve

Capo 4th

Verse: Em, C, B7
Chorus, G, D, C, D

Looks like I've fallen in love again
Kiss me, save me, be my closest friend
We've waited all year to have tonight
Don't hold back and I will make you mine

It started with a kiss and ended with I'll miss you, yes I do
So tell me what you want and I will wear that mask for you
We say we're being truthful but I can't get near you when I do
I just can't shake the image of my hands exploring you

Lie down, let me in
I will give you everything
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Touch me and I won't let you go
Make me what you need
You know what you want with me
I wear my heart on my sleeve

For now you're far away but close enough to miss you, and I do
For all the girls in all the world, I've got my eye on you
I'm ready for the day when I will get over you, I will do
But first just let me give myself entirely to you

And I'm not gonna lose you
I will fly around the world
If I have to show you
What you mean to me


4. The World is Mine (I Don't Know Anything)

Capo 1st

Verse: A, D
Chorus: E, F, G, A
?Why can't you see": Variations on A

My strings are broken and my heart is out of tune
I wanted quiet but all I see is you
I don't know anything

I stumbled forward and you let me walk away
We both know I'll be running back to you someday
I don't know anything

The earth is spinning but my feet are standing still
And the wind is biting but I'm fighting off the chill
I don't know anything

So let's pretend for just one minute
The world, the world, the world, the world
The world is mine but you're not there

They say time's a healer but my watch can't tell the time
The left hand's stuck six months ago and I can't find the right
I don't know anything

The pen is stronger than any sharpened sword
But everything I write to you makes me feel like a fool
I don't know anything

I feel like I can do anything
Why don't you understand

Why don't you see what I could be

Why can't you see
I'd trade in the world for you


5. The Time of Your Life

Verse: G, G4, Bm/F#, E/G#, Am, C/G, Bm/F#, D/F#
Chorus: G, F, C, D
?I'm sorry I told you": C, D, E, A, C, D, E, B
?I know I know": Em with bottom note going down to D#, then D, then C#; C chord, D chord

I want you to know
The things that I did
I know you were right, I know what you think
I miss our times
The plans that we made
I don't want things to end this way

So here we are
Together tonight
I hope you're having the time of your life
Let's start again
One step at a time
We could have something and I want to try if you want to try

Time's on our side
You've got what you want
I'll understand if you want me to stop
I know I was wrong
But I'm learning fast
Is there a way to put this in the past?

I'm sorry I told you I loved you
I meant it at the time
I should have paid more attention
I knew I couldn't hide
I wanted to tell you the truth but
I couldn't say it right
I should have paid more attention
I knew I couldn't hide

And now I know I don't want to push you away
This is something I want to say


6. Living on The Underground

Verse: C5, G5
Chorus: C5, Eb5, F#5, G5

Listen to the gasping as it rips away
Slam against the wall because you got no say
Bodies all around you so you can't escape
Feel like they could turn and crawl into my brain

Living on the underground
Guess it's time to put you down
Never gonna let you out
Nobody can make a sound

Shake a little longer and you'll lose your mind
Don't think you can get to either door in time
Panic when you feel the heat between your eyes
Holding on to anything that you can find

Pick up every whisper when the air's so thin
People treating you as if you mean nothing
Hitting all the senses making your head spin
Crowds and crowds and crowds and crowds
And crowds and crowds and crowds and crowds
And crowds and crowds and crowds and crowds are packing in


7. Missing You

Capo 3rd

First section: E, C, D, E
Interludes/final section: F, E
Second section: C, Am, G, F

Have I done
Alll I can
To make you

What if I
Fell asleep
Would you lie
There with me

I'm just missing you

How did you
Get inside
Only to
Say goodbye

I want you
More than you know
That's the only thing I know

I'm getting over you tonight
Won't wait for you to ask me what I'm doing
Cos I'll throw my inhibitions to the wind
I'm strong and I don't need this anymore
All I have to do is close the door

And I'll stop missing you

I'm on your side
And I always will be
Keeping the hair out of your eyes
And your face is close to mine
And I can't think straight
Because I can feel your breath on me
When you speak it's in a whisper and every moment counts

I know I'm missing you

But if I didn't miss you
It wouldn't be worth it in the end


8. Dead and Gone

Verse: G, Am, C, G
Chorus: C, Am, B7, Em
?And I'll run with you: F, D

Take me home
The world is slightly colder now
Both of us are past our better days

Take my hand
And I will give myself to you
Pushing everything out of our way

There's so much time but not enough for you and me to know
We'll always find each other in the end
So for tonight, let's sing about the ones we left behind
And I'll run with you until we're dead and gone

Hold me close
The bed is folded gently now
I'm leaving it to time to do the rest

One last word
Before I leave your memories
Don't be sad cos I know I won't be


9. Stay With Me

Verse: D, A, Em
"One thing to take away": G
Chorus: G, D, A

I remember when we met
You turned away
Burned away
We'll never be the same

Days and weeks and months and years
All this time
Come to find
We're living on again

If there's one thing to take away, it's that I love you

All the times you make me laugh
Falling down
To the sound
Of everything you are

I remind myself sometimes
When I see
You look at me
I find it hard to breathe

The rhymes aren't perfect but neither are you
Consistently you're still so much more brilliant than me
Will you stay with me
Please stay with me


10. Not Just Yet

Verse: A, E, A, A7, D6, Dm6
Bridge: F, G, E, F, G, A
?Hope you won't forget": A, D, A, A, D, E

Goodnight, lay down and close your eyes
All things have to die but not just yet

I'm here, I'll always be around
We could both fall down but not just yet

Tomorrow's still a day away
And it will always stay that way

Goodnight, our time is all but gone
We'll have to move on but not just yet
For now, I want to share my life
You'll be out of sight but not just yet

I hope you won't forget the time we had
When we laughed our way through movies we had paid too much to see
All the photographs that we forgot to take
And the train tickets you told me we should never throw away

I hope you won't regret the time we had
Stolen glances through the darkness staying close to fight the cold
All the memories that we forgot to make
And the way you fit a lifetime into every single day
So let's have one more day

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