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Am                Em               G            D        
You took your time to come back this time,

Am                          Em           G              D  
The grass has grown under your feet,

Am      Em          F                 D
In your absence I changed my mind

       F                   G                      Em              Am                    
Now someone else is sitting in your seat.

I know, that I said, there'd be no one else,
I know, that I said I'd be true
But baby, I broke cupid's arrow
And here's the short and narrow
I've nothing left to offer you, 'cos I'm

Am  Em  G    C
All cried out
All cried out
It's hard to give you somethin' when you're pushin' an' a shovin' me around.

So don't look surprised,
There was no disguise.
You knew where I stood, from the start
So, stop! Look around you,
You're right back where I found you
Take back your cold and empty heart.
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