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G            C(add9)         Em7             D

G         D           Em7            Cadd9
Party is over as the people start to go
G                D               Em7               Cadd9
You see in the corner there's a girl you'd like to know
G                     D             Em7                 D
You're thinking of leaving but the last song starts to play
G                 D            Em7               Cadd9
You'd like to go over but you don't know what to say
Cadd9       D                  G              Em7
So will it end here to take a long walk home alone
Cadd9               D          G               Em7
I'll give you the music and a girl all of your own

    G    D  Em7     Cadd9
So take her in your arms
G         D     Em7         Cadd9
She will never resist your charms
G         D                   Em7      Cadd9
Like the light that leads the good ship on
G         D                  Em7       Cadd9
Like the words that write a good love song
           G     D     Em7             Cadd9                  G     D
It's that last dance, take her in your arms and say it's the last dance
Em7              Cadd9         G     D     Em7     Cadd9
Take her in your arms for the last dance

This is your moment but the time is ticking by
You honestly love her, in a kiss there is no lie
A moment together but a moment never lasts
You hope it's forever but the music's going too fast


Cadd9       D                  G       Em7
And if you look around you'll see i'm right
Cadd9   D              G        Em7
Find a girl and dance into the night
Cadd9       D             G       Em7
Don't know if we'll see tomorrow come
Cadd9         D        G      Em7
But keep on dancing whatever comes

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