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Capo 2. 


F                            C
Sitting here staring at the wall
F              Am   G
Another lonely tear falls
F                               C
I'm trying to write you this song
F                        Am       G
But I can hardly see the page at all

Cause it's breaking my heart
When I look in your eyes
      C        C/B     Am
And I don't see me anymore
            F               G
When you're all I'm living for


 C                    C/B     Am
Baby tell me that you still believe
      G             F
That you still love me
            Am   G
The way I love you
C                     C/B      Am
If you took your love away from me
      G           F
You know I would die
              Am    G       F
Cause I'm not ready for goodbye 

---Repeats for verse and chorus then Bridge:
Every breath that I take
Every beat of my heart
     F                C     C/B
You know it's all for you
I wanna hold you
I wanna love you
     F         Dsus2
Forever and always 

---Back to chorus.
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