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Capo 2. 


F5                            C5
Sitting here staring at the wall
F5              A5   G5
Another lonely tear falls
F5                               C5
I'm trying to write you this song
F5                        A5       G5
But I can hardly see the page at all

Cause it's breaking my heart
When I look in your eyes
      C5        C5     A5
And I don't see me anymore
            F5               G5
When you're all I'm living for


 C5                    C5     A5
Baby tell me that you still believe
      G5             F5
That you still love me
            A5   G5
The way I love you
C5                     C5      A5
If you took your love away from me
      G5           F5
You know I would die
              A5    G5       F5
Cause I'm not ready for goodbye 

---Repeats for verse and chorus then Bridge:
Every breath that I take
Every beat of my heart
     F5                C5     C5
You know it's all for you
I wanna hold you
I wanna love you
     F5         D5
Forever and always 

---Back to chorus.
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