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From Mike Longworth


G      -320033            E      -022100
G?      -X32033            B      -004440
C      -X32013            A      -002220
Em      -022000            C *      -035550
D?      -200233            D      -000232

G                       G?
Sleeping in - in case I miss you,
G                             G?
Dreaming takes me right there to you.
C        Em             G
Quilt of silver, golden thread,
             D?            G?
Your face is shining in my head.

G                    G?
Waking up, I see you sleeping,
G                            G?
Don?t disappear, quench your thirst.
C      Em             G
Ace of hearts, stolen diamonds,
         D?                    G?
Skylarks singing, church bells chiming.

E          B               A           B
The sudden sight of you is pleasing,
E        B                    A        B
Its only perfect things we?re seeking.
E           B                A         B
The hearts awake, my fear is sleeping,
E   B           C *      
You are forever keeping,
G       G?
G       G?

G                              G?
My mind is cracked, I start to tremble,
G                       G?
Splintered tears to reassemble.
C       Em      G
I?m not able to express it,
        D?               G?
But I?m sure that I will get it.

E              B      A          B
Lazy years the sleepy summer,
E      B                A        B
I melt myself and drip upon you.
E         B              A       B
Now we?re liquid mixed together,
E  B              C *          
Oh we can last forever,
G       G?
G       G?

D      G      A                        >Finger pick this section
D      G      A
D      G      A
D      G      A      B      E

     B           A                 B
I am focusing my actions,
E        B                 A       B
Press it on with this attraction.
E         B                A             B
If arrows fly, then I will catch them ,
E        B
Oh It?s you,
      C *

G      C
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