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From Mike Longworth


G5      -320033            E5      -022100
G?      -X32033            B5      -004440
C5      -X32013            A5      -002220
E5      -022000            C5 *      -035550
D?      -200233            D5      -000232

G5                       G?
Sleeping in - in case I miss you,
G5                             G?
Dreaming takes me right there to you.
C5        E5             G5
Quilt of silver, golden thread,
             D?            G?
Your face is shining in my head.

G5                    G?
Waking up, I see you sleeping,
G5                            G?
Don?t disappear, quench your thirst.
C5      E5             G5
Ace of hearts, stolen diamonds,
         D?                    G?
Skylarks singing, church bells chiming.

E5          B5               A5           B5
The sudden sight of you is pleasing,
E5        B5                    A5        B5
Its only perfect things we?re seeking.
E5           B5                A5         B5
The hearts awake, my fear is sleeping,
E5   B5           C5 *      
You are forever keeping,
G5       G?
G5       G?

G5                              G?
My mind is cracked, I start to tremble,
G5                       G?
Splintered tears to reassemble.
C5       E5      G5
I?m not able to express it,
        D?               G?
But I?m sure that I will get it.

E5              B5      A5          B5
Lazy years the sleepy summer,
E5      B5                A5        B5
I melt myself and drip upon you.
E5         B5              A5       B5
Now we?re liquid mixed together,
E5  B5              C5 *          
Oh we can last forever,
G5       G?
G5       G?

D      G      A                        >Finger pick this section
D5      G5      A5
D5      G5      A5
D5      G5      A5      B5      E5

     B5           A5                 B5
I am focusing my actions,
E5        B5                 A5       B5
Press it on with this attraction.
E5         B5                A5             B5
If arrows fly, then I will catch them ,
E5        B5
Oh It?s you,
      C5 *

G5      C5
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