• Song:

    Your Star

  • Artist:

    All American Rejects

  • Album:

    The All American Reject...

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Intro: D5 A5 B5 G5

Verso tocado no piano mas q pode ser tocado pela guitarra tbm com essas msm notas
D5          D5/C#
She screams when i'm away 
B5             G5
She's been gone before.
D5         D5/C#        B5        G5
I worried all the time, why worry anymore?
D5        A5
Now I go, away
B5          G5
Now I know, today

D5           A5
I picked out your star
B5          G5
Turned night to day
D5                A5
A simple whisper from your voice
B5         G5
And I fade away
D5           A5
You wish for love
B5           G5
You pushed me away
D5                              A5
Your love for me was everything I need
B5            G5
The air I breathe


Repete as notas do 1? verso:

She, now she's all alone

Her eyes they drown in tears

Their love was meant to last

But she is blind with fear

Now I go, away

Now I know, today

B5      G5
Leave me be
D5        A5
Now I'm free
B5                G5
Love reflecting everything
D5         A5
You want space
B5          G5         D5       A5
I need you to help me see this through
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