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Intro:   C5 A5 F5 C5 (2x) 
C5               A5                                 C5
I don't mean to pry, but I'm seeing signs I can't ignore 
C5                             A5               F5                    C5
You've been holding something deep inside, and I can't keep quiet anymore 
Of the urgency, I'm well aware, I'll take you anywhere 
If you're dissatisfied 
           F5                    C5                D5                    F5
Let's just drive, take a deep breath and I swear everything will be alright 
            F5               C5                  D5                   F5
Let's just drive, until it gets us somewhere, even if it takes all night 
             C5   (1st time only) 
Let's just drive 

C5                    A5            F5                    C5
I know you thought we were the same, we're two different kinds 
C5                     A5         F5                           C5
I've been following a narrow lane, you follow your's where it winds 
Now it's time to get in gear, I'll take you far from here 
If you're dissatisfied 
Repete o refr?o 
            A5     D5    F5
Let's just roll, away tonight 
            A5    D5           F5                        
Let's just roll away until we get it right, Let's just drive 
repete o refr?o       
              Ab5          Bb5
      "Let's just driiiiiiiiiiiiiiive" 
            C5      Bb5      D5      F5      (repete e vai p/ o solo) 
                          Ab5      Bb5      C5
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