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    All The Apparatus

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Chords: C5 A5 F5 G5

Intro: C5 , A5

A starry night, the moon reflects
On the flotsam and jetsam from the deck
         C5                                A5
Of our sinking ship, this lovely Tuesday evening

F5            G5
We're going down, it's true
     C5                     A5
But I fell in love with a girl like you
    F5                       G5             C5
On a pleasure cruise to the bottom of the sea

Smoke still billows from the stacks
As the bell rings out for the panic attack
        C5                                A5
And the captain screams all hands to the life boats
We'll save the women & children first-
Then the passenger with the fattest purse,
  C5                                A5
last of all, the young man and the crew

F5           G5
It seems to me we're doomed
   C5                    A5
at least I'm here at the end with you
F5                G5               C5      A5
May I kiss your lips so cold and blue?
F5                   G5
Lips once warm but now so cold and blue
F5               G5
Cheer up, don't look so sad.
C5                A5
Maybe drowning's not so bad.
F5             G5            C5       A5
Can you tread water for a week or two?
F5            G5              C5   A5
Tread water for a week or two
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