• Song:

    A Daydream Away

  • Artist:

    All Time Low

  • Album:

    Dirty Work

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Couldn't find any tabs on the internet that were that good so i tabbed this by ear,
hope its correct, sounds it to me. :) Some of the chord changes aren't in the right place
e.g. the change on the song maybe later or earlier than on the tab, figure out the 
strumming, its easy :)


Tuning: EADGBe

D Asus:   E-X----------      Bm:   E-X-------------|
          A-0----------            A-X-------------|
          D-0----------            D-4-------------|
          G-2----------            G-4-------------|
          B-3----------            B-3-------------|
          e-0----------            e-2-------------|

Intro: D,  D Asus4,  Bm9,  G,   A ,  D,   A

     D                            Bm
I wish you could see your face right now
     D                      Bm
'Cause you're grinning like a fool
     D                          Bm
And we're sitting on your kitchen floor
   Em              A
On a Tuesday afternoon
     D                 Bm
Doesn't matter when we get back
 D             Bm
To doing what we do
         G                              Bm
'Cause right now could last forever
    Em                     A
Just as long as I'm with you

D                   Bm
You're just a daydream away
     G                          A         D    A
I wouldn't know what to say if I had you
D                           Bm
And I'll keep you a daydream away
 G                                     A             D A
Just watch from a safe place so I never have to lose

D                      Bm
We would go out on the weekend
D                  Bm
To escape our busy lives
D                                 Bm
And we'd laugh at all the douche-bag guys
     Em                   A
Chasing down their desperate wives
D                        Bm
I would drink a little too much
D                  Bm
And you'd offer me a ride
       G            Bm
I would offer you a t-shirt
      Em                A
And you would stay another night



D                        Bm
We never stood a chance out there                  |

D                   Bm                             |
Shooting love in real-time
D                              Bm                  |             [One strum each for this bit]
So we'll take it over ice tonight
Em                                                 |
With a little salt
And a little lime                                  |


You're just a daydream away

I wouldn't know what to say if I had you
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