• Song:

    Under A Paper Moon

  • Artist:

    All Time Low

  • Album:

    Dirty Work

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Chords used for verse: C#5 , B5 , E5 , G#5

Baby, don?t yell,
You?re tearing a hole right through the walls of everything we used to know,
I?m building a place, something amazing,
Just for the sake of saving us,
From under the sun,
Two plastic hearts with nowhere to run,
We?re rolling the dice on whatever?s left,
?cause God only knows that we could use the rest?

Chords used for chorus: A5 , E5 , B5 , C#5

Me and you, living under a paper moon,
Cause real life just isn?t right; lets fabricate
Me and you, living under a paper moon,
This real life just isn?t right let?s get away let?s fabricate.
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