• Song:

    No Next Time

  • Artist:

    Allison Moorer

  • Album:

    Hardest Part

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No Next Time - Allison Moorer
From The Album The Hardest Part
Tabbed by Smith contact on garsmt3@aol.com

B C#m E B

B                       C#m
You've finally gone and done it
E                     B
You broke it right in two
B                      C#m
There's no way you can fix it
   E             F#
So pocket your excuse
Eb                        Abm
Don't tell me that you're sorry
Eb                     E    F#
That'll only make it worse
B                    A 
I'm tired of your stories
F#                 B
I know it word for word

B                    C#m
I make no bones about it
E                     B
Stupid is as stupid does
B                     C#m
I had to learn the hard way
E                          F#
You're a man that I can't trust
Eb                  Abm
If only I'd known sooner
Eb                   E     F#
I was going to be betrayed
B                   A
I would've left the first time
F#               B
I ever heard you say


E                F#
I didn't mean to break your heart
Eb     Abm
I apologise
E                      F#
If you'll just give me one more chance
Eb                  Abm
There'll be no next time
   E             F#                B
I promise I will never break your heart
Abm       E        C#m
Again,   Again,   Again

B  C#m  E  B

B                 C#m
Right now it's a hurting
E             B
But It'll be O.K.
B                      C#m
I'll pick up both the pieces
E            F#
And be on my way
Eb              Abm
You know that I love you
Eb            E    F#
That's been my mistake
B                    A
So before I go let's hear it
F#                      B
Once more for old times sake


End Break
Abm  E  C#m to end
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