• Song:

    Storms Never Last

  • Artist:

    Allison Moorer

  • Album:

    Definitive Collection

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Capo 2 

E5                         A5 
Storms never last do they baby 
B5                          E5 
Bad times all pass with the winds 
E5                            A5 
Your hand in mine steals the thunder 
B5                       E5 
You make the sun want to shine  
  E5                         A5 
I followed you down so many roads, baby 
  B5                                        E5 
I picked wild flowers and sung you soft sad songs 
    E5                                A5 
And every road we took God knows our search was for the truth 
        B5                              E5 
And the storms brewin' now won't be the last 
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