• Song:

    Danny Blue

  • Artist:

    Allman Brothers Band

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I apologize first for all the misspelling in this tab (I'm French)

After a lot of research, I think I've captured a proper tab, It's the closest I can make
and it's my first tab (so be indulgent!)

CAPO 1 (In the video, they play it on capo 0 but the tuning might be D#G#C#F#A#D#, 
in my opinion...)
So let's play it on standard tuning CAPO 1
For the riffs look at the bottom of the page to see the tabs and try by yourself to
incorporate them into the song (A little practice and you're good!)

This is important to catch the rhythm in this song, like that (example on C and G
chords) :

E ------0---0---------0---0-------3---3---------3---3---|
B ------1---1---------1---1-------0---0---------0---0---|
G ------0---0---------0---0-------0---0---------0---0---|
D ------2---2---0H2---2---2-------0---0---------0---0---|
A ---3------------------------------------0H2-----------|
E ---3------------------------3-------------------------|

H : Hammer-on
/ : Slide


E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------0-------0-------------0-------0-------------0-------0-------|
D ---3/5-------5-------5---3/5-------5-------5---3/5-------5-------5---|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|

E -----------------------3---|
B ---0-------------------0---|
G -------0---------------0---|
D -----------2---0-------0---|
A -----------------------2---|
E -------------------3---3---|


          D                    C
Well he stood on a sunny boy shoe-shine box
         G                    C
With a Stella guitar that he didn't play much
          D                      C                           G
And he's tellin' all the ladies gossip 'bout his friends in Nashville.
        Am                C
Said I just flew in from Hollywood
With a long legged wouldn't do the boogie woogie
     F                      C                G
All night in the arms of a man named Danny Blue.

        Am                           C
Said I never heard your name on the radio
             G                      C
He said you must'a had some better ways
          Am                          C
Said, "I never seen your name in the flashin' lights,"
he said, "The lights they musta been busted that night."
    F                           C
He run his fingers through his long blond hair and said,
"Hey , who's runnin this show?"
 D                 C                        G
Looked around and said, "it must be Danny Blue."


RIFF2     C    G      D                  G
  Danny Blue, boy, we all know you're a fool boy
 C                       D                        G
big time losers are the only one's who know your name

RIFF3     C    G     D               G
  Danny Blue, boy, play us one more tune boy
 C                         D                   RIFF4
Hey crazy Danny won't you keep us from goin insane.


      D                C                     G                C
Then Danny Blue hit a tuneful chord and he played a Tennesse Waltz,
    D                C                     G
We danced like only beggars, hookers and thieves can
Am                      C          G                      C
Out of the alley verse Myron James, he was famous in the neighbourhood
        D                  C             G
He had six gold watches on every arm and leg

           Am              C                G                       C
He said, "Danny Blue, you singin' fool, you ain't never gonna be a star
    D                     C                  G
You ain't never been to prison like Cash or Haggard or Coe
      RIFF1                                    C                 G
Then hup and a up jump bee-hive willy and she pushed ol' Myron aside
        Am                       D             G
Said, "Leave him alone he's the king of all of us"



Well sing on crazy Danny, sing on
                D                Dsus4 D
Don't let them naysayers get to you.
Gonna show 'em crazy Danny,
                        D                 Dsus4        D
Gonna roll 'em up and spit them out like tobacco chew
       G         C       G       (C)
Gonna ride your rags to riches,
       G     C         D   Dsus4   D
Gonna go on with the show.


E -----------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------|
G -------------------------------0---|
D -----------------------0---2-------|
A -------0---1---2---3---------------|
E ---3-------------------------------|

E -----------------------|
B -----------------------|
G -----------------------|
D -----------------------|
A -------0---1---2---3---|
E ---3-------------------|

E -----------------------|
B -----------------------|
G -----------------------|
D ---3---2---0-----------|
A ---------------2---3---|
E -----------------------|

E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------0-------0-------------0-------0-------------0-------0-----------|
D ---3/5-------5-------5---3/5-------5-------5---3/5-------5-------5---5---|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Enjoy !
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