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I'm just going to cheat right here, okay??? okay, and remember to use Artificial Harmonics!!!

         Q           R             S           T
 --------------  ------------  ----------  ----------|
 --------------  ------------  ----------  ----------|
 ---5----------  --9---------  --7-------  --12------|
 ---3----------  --7---------  --5-------  --10------|
 --------------  ------------  ----------  ----------|

               [INTRO]                  Pre-chorus
[QQ RRRR SS (rest) QQ RRRR SS] (click)  [QQ RR SS TTTTTTT]

    Every clock...    This song's for...    "Party like it's not(x2) OH oh...
    [INTRO]x8           [Prechorus]x4          [Prechourus]x4

and repeat this the whole time! once it gets to Anth's part (the rap), you have to...

OK let's lose control   I wanna see everybody... Go an' send your...
    Q S R                    S R T                   Q S T

Repeat this pattern until the end of the rap and start over again!
Enjoy this tab and the way I cheated, this is HOW IT SOUNDS so if I'm wrong, feel free 
to correct! CIAO!!!111!one
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