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Tom: Am

Intro : Am Em F Dm
     Am  Em
                  F  Dm
for a change in the weather
    Am      Em                 F  Dm
i'm waiting for a shift in the air
                    Am     Em
could we get it together, ever
F        Dm        Am    Em            F       Dm
hoping for your return, hoping for your sweet, sweet return

( Am Em F Dm )

   Am Em
              F    Dm
is this heaven calling
Am           Em           F                    Dm
hello, hello, is somebody there, she must be somewhere
and then she says hello, hello, hello
Em              F    Dm
she's really an angel
she stands in the sunshine
Em              F                          G
she's closing her eyes, she?s starting to dream ,

she's pulling the strings
Em                             F
she's dreaming a strange dream
  Dm                 Am Em
where nothing is grey
                  F              G
then she takes me away and she's pulling the strings

when she's playing with love
Em                  F  Dm
she's playing with love
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