• Song:

    Amandas Love Song

  • Artist:

    Amanda Seyfried

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I tried to listen to this song very often so that i can get the tabs of this. such 
a beautiful song. for the strumming pattern, please rely in this video:

Intro: G-D-A (2x)

G                Em   A
Please won't you stay
D          G
be buried away
Em           A     C
slightest symphony
G               Em   A
all birds still sing
D                G
decompose their sins
      Em                  A
and sleep throughout the day

C             D
the morning light
   G       Em
is shining away
        Cadd9  D        G
and the fire heals the pain
i sat in quiet
     G      Em
a burning desire
       C         D       G  D
in a world too young to see

G              Em  A
children will play
D           G
each dying day
D                       Em
we'll still be running away
D                       G
we'll still be running away
D                       Em   G
we'll still be running away
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