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American Hi-Fi ? Hearts On Parade
use the capo on 2nd fret

Dmaj7     Em     A     G

[Dmaj7] I don't under[Em]stand
How [A] we drift [G] so far away
[Dmaj7] I keep on holding [Em] on
But [A] your hands are [G] feeling so numb

[D] Nobody [Dmaj7] told me that there would be [Em] days like these
I'm [G] falling baby [A] can't you [D] see
And you're in no [Dmaj7] hurry to keep me from [Em] coming undone
[G] Take a look at [A] what we've become [C]

Where do we [D] go from here?
[C] I don't wanna [D] disappear

Our [Em] hearts are on [A] parade
So [Em] you can watch them [A] fade

[Dmaj7] I don't under[Em] stand how the [A] worst of times
Get [G] stuck in your mind
[Dmaj7] I'd like to take [Em] away
All the [A] stupid [G] things that we say

Tabbed by: Roithy
Email: ruthtan@live.com
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