• Song:

    Give In

  • Artist:

    Amy Ray

  • Album:

    MVP Live

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Give In - Amy Ray

Amy plays this with a capo on second but I've tabbed the actual chords so you 
don't need to hunt down your capo. 

(chords same for all verses)

Bm                G
Come a little bit closer
D               A
Closer than you are
Bm                      G
Cause anything worth it now
D                A
Is just gonna be hard
Come a little bit cleaner
Get a little bit mean
Just give me the honesty and
Give it back to me

       G           A
When I know what's mine
F#              Bm    A 
   I can put it aside
G  A        D
   And give in

Don't give me a reason
Don't give me a break
Just give me the loneliness
Of my own mistakes
And if it falls like a judgment
On everything that we are
Then it's just useless
Something we should discard
      G           A
What's yours what's mine
F#            Bm   A
  Lets put it aside
G  A        D 
   And give in

G       D
Are you afraid
G                  D        
Does it get in the way
G                           D
Of everything that wants to last
D                        A
Everything that wants to stay

G             A   
With all your might
F#          Bm   A
   Could you put it aside
G  A        D
   And give in
G            A
With all my might
F#         Bm           A
  I could never put you aside
G  A         D
   So I give in

SEA :)
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