• Song:

    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

  • Artist:

    Amy Winehouse

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*I charted this song using the recording "Amy Winehouse - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ludxpkyrab0
*The Chords used in the song are written out and listed at the top of the chart.  
*Please don't let the chord names throw you.  Look at the "Chords Used" section below for a 
breakdown of the 
*Use both open and barre chords in the song where appropriate.  
*Barre the first finger down for the G#dim7. C#m7 and C#7sus4 for example.
*Tagged as Intermediate because it does take a bit of finesse to play it like the recording.  
Intermediate +
*"Fingerstyle" / No plectrum is used.  
*Pay particular attention to the rhythm pattern and phrasing.  
*Arpeggiate when called for.  

My suggestion, as with any song you’re interested in,  is to listen with headphones several  times 
throughbefore anything else and then also afterwards as you are learning it.  The guitar player on 
this track has laid down some very subtle, super tasty tones and phrasing.  
The sound engineer has done a wonderful job capturing 
every nuance.  The quality is impeccable and inspiring. 
The guitar player in the recording uses a capo at the 3rd fret for Amy.  
The chords listed below are, of course, written out as if there is no capo.  
Use no capo or place the capo where needed to best accommodate your vocal range.

Chords Used:
Esus4= {02220x}
G#m7={4x44x2} ANDà * G#m7={xx4422}    
C#m7/G#={4x34x1} ANDà *C#m7/G#={xx3421}
F#m9= {2x2224}
C#7sus4= {x46474}
C#7#9= {4x345x} 

Message me here at Ultimate-Guitar with any questions and/or comments

Jimmy DiLorenzo

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Amy Winehouse Capo 3 (For Amy’s Key of C)

A       A    

A              A       DM7      Esus4      
Tonight you're mine completely 
A             A       DM7        Esus4     E                   
You give your love so sweetly 
    G#m7      Cm#7/G#           F#m7      G#dim7    F#m9   c# c# d d
Tonight, the light           of love is in your eyes 
D              Dsus2   Esus4   E    A 
Will you still          love me tomorrow? 
A         A       DM7       Esus4      
Is this a lasting treasure 
A         A        DM7          Esus4     E 
Or just a moment's pleasure? 
 *G#m7,11         *C#m7/G         F#m7       G#dim7  F#m7   c# c# d d
Can I            believe          the magic of your sighs? 
D              Dsus2   E          A 
Will you still          love me tomorrow?  Yeahay 

D    Dsus2  D   Dsus2     C#7sus4    C#m7     C#7sus4    C#m7  
Tonight with words unspoken 
D       Dsus2   D      Dsus2     A     b  c  c#  a   A7
You say that I'm the only        one 
D      Dsus2  D  Dsus2   C#7sus4    C#m7 
But will my heart be broken 
F#m7          B7                  Bm7     Esus4     E 
When the night meets the morning star? 
A            A           DM7        Esus4      
I’d like to know... that your love 
A         A          DM7     E 
Is love I can ... be sure of 
     G#m7,11   C#m7/G        F#m7  C#7#9     F#m7   c# c# d d 
So tell me       now, ’cause I     won't ask again  
D               Dsus2    Esus4      A 
Will you still            love me tomorrow?  
D               Dsus2    E          A         A      A      A~ 
Will you still            love me tomorrow?
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